Alec Vasili

Player: JP


Lvl: Smart (2) HP: 11 Initiative: +4 Str: 5 (-3) Dex: 19 (+4) Con: 11 (0) Int: 15 (+2) Wis: 14 (+2) Cha: 14 (+2) Fortitude: 0 Reflex: 4 Will: 4 BA: 1 Melee: -2 Ranged: +5


Alec Vasili (1875-present)

This fine young gentleman was born in a small town in Siberia. His father was Nicola Vasili II and his mother Meg Hopkins. His father was a treasure hunter and his mother was an historian. Both of them where looking for a treasure deep in the Congo when they disappeared. With Alec just being 4 years old, his gran father Nicola Vasili senior, took him under custody and went to Morocco where his current work was being done in an excavation in search for mammoths bones. Nicola Vasili senior had serveral excavations going in Morocco, so Alec spend most of the time in there, traveling occasionally to England and other Europe parts because of his grand father deeds with local museums. Although skilled in geology, chemistry, history, math and many other sciences, Alec never really took them seriously until his 23th birthday when his grand father gave him a colt peacemaker that belonged to his father and was found near the place he and his mother disappeared. From that point on, Alec took a personal interest in becoming an explorer just like his father and exploring the ruins where his parents disappeared. After talking the matter with his grand father, Alec set up to leave to Congo but suddenly he received a letter saying that he was now the owner of a house in the city of York, located on the north center of England, and he had to go and claim it and had just one month to do so or the house would become states ownership. So, he decided to pospone the expedition to Congo and set for York.

In his way to York, Alec and his caravan was assaulted by some thieves. In the middle of the attack, the cold peacemaker was to being stolen from Alec. In an act that almost occurs in Alec’s death he recovered the gun taking some thieves down and making them flee. After that display of love to the gun that once belonged to his father, the gun started to show some reciprocity to Alec granting him, from an unknown source, some magical ability to heal faster and endure greater damage. Without knowing how and after discovering this new feats, he decided to put a good use of this advantage, hardening his conviction to become a great explorer.

After a few weeks later he arrived to York.

Alec Vasili

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