On Vacation

We'll be right back folks

York is currently taking a break.
It has been a lot of action since the last time the blog was updated. With time I will get it filled up, but it’ll be a lot of work even if it is just to remember what happened so… it will take a while.
In some other news, York will be coming back again in January 2009.

Last time, we left our heroes at an octopus shaped submarine with a crazy Ghost, his dog and few navigation skills. They sailed to get at New Orleans where the only one person who can help Soyosama is said to be around, Nicola Tesla.
At New Orleans our heroes will soon find a much darker scenario. A city where voodoo, zombies, vampires, enchantments, ghosts, shamans and other horrors await lusting for the blood, organs and souls of the new and naive visitants. Brothels, excess, alcohol, prostitutes, weird spectacles and rituals also await to be discovered in the city were darkness prevailed.

So, until January 2009 York will be on vacation. Have fun with Sigil… those who can.
See ya soon.



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