The Wolf's Lair

A-hunting we shall go

Back in the Inn, our heroes get to know the stranger who got them out of the Chaos Plane. No one else than the Time Traveler himself.

Getting everything clear Soyosama hears that Dante has fallen into the dark pit of the chaos zone. He gets into a rather weird position and starts belting: “KAAAA-YAAAA-TEEEEE!”, abruptly after ending that sentence, he disappears in a flash of light.

Meanwhile Dante is flying towards infinity into another dimension… Wondering what to do next he suddenly hears a thunder crack… It’s no one else than Soyosama flying at full speed at him… With some Mixed reactions, Dante is grabbed by Soyosama who again belts: “KAAAA-YAAAA-TEEEEE!” and they both disappear in a flash of light.

At the Inn everyone is wondering what is happening when abruptly Dante and Soyosama fall from the roof of the lobby into the floor. As Dante re-incorporates, Soyosama is on the floor, still some-what dizzy.

After letting the old man cool down, they ask what to do next… The answer they get is: “Go to the Wolf’s Liar”. With some questioning if it was serious or a joke they get told to go there and look for the Ferocious Wolf and get him to give ‘em the key to the Chinese Door… Also known as the Door Between the Planes.

Walking through the city they finally get to a big skyscraper, in fact, the only skyscraper it might be on that era. As they get to the reception, they are greeted by a lovely blond with a red hood….



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