The Great Soyosama!

"Shut up!" - Soyosama

After beating out the spider monster, our heroes decide to take a 2 minute break for recovering and assimilating what just had happened when suddenly McPetersen and the hotel’s cook decide to break out of the fridge, thinking that the monster has already killed them… Oh surprise.

First McPetersen comes out and scared tries to go back but gets catch in the way by Dante Elessen. The cook comes to his rescue with a 12 gauge shot gun but gets mob killed.

With McPetersen ready for being interrogated, they start asking questions, having not much luck at the begining they decide to pull some strength on him. After breaking his arm the words start to come out.

McPetersen confesses his estrange affection for spiders, having gathered them as if they were his children and using the monster as his pawn. He confesses having committed murderer several times to several naive customers.

Then, after all the soup was out. They decide to do the right thing and call the police.

With some help of Miss Von Cassel’s influences, they get the police to ask no question as they leave the crime scene with Mr. McPetersen. Then, suddenly a very old man comes to the door. His look is of an old man from india with too much beard and too much untrimmed hair… everywhere. Skinny as he is, he comes into the hotel and sats down at one of the couches. With some guys pointing their guns at him and others pointing their confused looks he explains: “I’M THE GREAT SOYOSAMA!!!!” ... smiling wide at them.

After everyone catches with the old man’s groove, they get hired to kill a few nasty things or two with the promise of a great reward on behalf of Soyosama. The catch is, those nasty things are demons… And the punch line is… They are level 1.



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