The Chaos Plane

...Where physics go nuts

Well, well, after getting the things straight with that Baskerville ol’ fella’ and getting sucked in into the black hole our heroes appeared to be in a particularly strange place.

Standing on what it looks like a big earth formation hovering onto the space they decide to advance through the terrain and seek some way out.

They find three nice man dressed very formally, standing giving them their backs. As our heroes walk around ‘em they never get to see their front side, no matter where they stand. Our heroes ask ‘em for directions and only one of them points towards the right place.

As they advance they get into a field where in the middle there is a line and for some reazon there’s wind… and it’s blowing. While they walk through it the wind carries some of them out of the path and then they discover the strange properties of the field… they start aging more or less depending to which side they tumble.

After some trials an errors and some age less and some age more, they get through.

Finally they get to a bridge where they are faced by a gigantic eye with some puzzles for ‘em… And they all get kite well with the puzzle game… except Dante. By failing the puzzle he falls to a black pit and gets to another dimension, floating without a direction.

Our remaining heroes get close to a strange liquid beast with tentacles, eyes and mouths everywhere… Alec is tempted to touching it when suddenly a voice comes from the heights, screaming “Don’t do it”... When they turn their sight, they get to see an enormous white sphere landing on the ground with a man standing inside of it that says: “Come! quick!... I was sent by Soyosama”. Before anything else our heroes jump inside of the sphere and get out of that site.

They land on the very same lobby of the McPetersen Inn.



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