The Baskerville Hound

Diabolus Canis Familiaris

Well, after setting up the things with Soyosama, our heroes go to the Baskerville Mansion. A place on the edges of York, far on the shire region. When going inside the mansion they feel a presence coming closer as they advance, a kind of heavy gallop sound. Before they now, they are being chased by a hound of the size of a horse with fire coming out of his mouth and a mist fog behind him… Running, our heroes get to the forest and suddenly they stop being chased, just as if it were only a warning.

Later, when they recover their breath, they get again on tracks and resume to enter to the mansion, which, by the way, is forced by Dante knocking down the door… Again.

To welcome them comes Sir Henry Baskerville, the last one of the Baskerville line. He tells them about the curse of the hound and how he asked Soyosama to help ‘em. He invites them to stay for diner and spend the night before going into the hound’s lair. At diner Doris! makes her entrance, walking and banging her hips at every step she takes in a not-at-all sexy movement. After more or less ingesting some food, they get to sleep and wake up the next morning.

They are conducted to a tool’s room where the door to the demon’s liar is located. In the tool’s room, a door made out of wood with some creepy aspect and a lot of blood is located. As they get inside they find themselves in a rocky-sandy-bloddy tunnel that goes down in the earth (or at least, down in some place).

First, they encounter a big pit in the tunnel, on their side there’s an harp, that when touched, it played a melody that made some pillars come up from the bottom of the pit. After some struggle and some good and not so good players, they get to play the same tune and walk through the pillars to the other side of the pit.

After passing that, they encounter a big door, which is very very hot. They open it and find a big volcanic town with four houses a church and another door at the other side of the town, which is locked and has 4 key holes.

At the houses they find a lot of stuff, some find a key, others find a magical shovel that digs wherever you put it close to the ground and well, others, they just find a very big bad guy… An un-death body of an acolyte with dark robes and a key hung on his neck starts a fight with ‘em which, after some struggle they get to kill, with a finishing blow of Cold Black.

In the church they find some treasures in a balance, and some death bodies hanged on the walls… They decide to leave it there so they go back to town.

On the last room they find the body of an acolyte with white robes and another key. Dante tries to take it away but it’s surprised with a poisonous breath and falls to the floor unconsciously. With some help they all get back on their feet and get the last two keys which are one in one house and another inside of a crystal statue that they found with the help of the shovel.

They open the door and get to go again on a tunnel… This time they find some electrified strings on the floor and another harp… The harp when touched starts to play another song and the strings they retreat to the wall. With some short of ‘graceful’ performance, they manage to play it again and cross it safely.

They get to a door, this time smaller (and a lot less hotter)... They open it and find a big pit with a lot of pillars that conduct to the next door, each pillar being more narrow than the last one. At the bottom of the pit, there is an enormous funnel-like slide with some deathly spiked vines. With some falls and some graceful jumps they manage to get to the other side (with some minor wouden pals) and continue to advance to the last door.

After walking a lot they get to a place where there’s a wall made out of knives that are flying around, promising to cut anyone to pieces if he tries to get through, and of course, another harp.

When touched this harp plays a very hard song… A devil’s song if not by composition at least in hardness. After an astonishment performance by Alec, the song is sang and the knives they stop flying around and fall to the floor… But what they reveal behind is far more frightening, an army of undeath-like creatures. But they don’t attack, they just stare at three pedestals and keep waiting. The heroes they get to stand each one in a pedestal and each with a different harp they stand there, waiting… The undeaths they, like a choir, start to sing a composition that our heroes will have to follow… And as they finish, they now look fiercely at the eyes of the heroes, like in threat to them if they miss a single note.

As they start playing some of the knives start dancing again and start hurting our heroes but that doesn’t stop ‘em from giving a performance that would have made little Chuck N. cry.

When they finish… each of the undeath that where standing collapses into dust as the knives that where flying around.

They walk to the last door and when they open it they find a big forest… In the middle of the forest there’s a cristal which from it is flowing a white mana-like energy that goes outside of the cave by a hole on the roof.

But before they get to it, they find are being chased again, by the same sound that followed them last night. From behind a bushes the great Baskerville Hound comes out and fiercely attacks them.

With some missing bullets and some confusion they get to inflict him a lot of pain and a lot of damage… The monster in turn gets Alec in his jaws, makes a good chomp out of him and throws ‘m away. After receiving a lot of damage, he gets a head shot (by what I think was Cold?... don’t know) and falls to the ground.

They heal the wounded, get some breath and then they go to the crystal… They break it and do something that I would best describe as “running for their lives”.

A black hole appears behind them, eating all that’s there to be eaten… And finally it manages to engulf our heroes to.

Disappearing into the nothing, our heroes get to a very dark place…



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