Deep in the Hotel

One little, two little, three little spiders...

So, after killing an abnormally grown spider, the characters meet a new persona, Dante, an abnormally white guy, who won’t talk a lot, but surely will shot more than he talks. By looking into a few rooms, fighting another spider more and getting this time a really hard time with one character falling almos dead (Treo), the characters begin to suspect about the hotel’s owner so they go looking for him into the basement of the hotel. Getting past a few doors, a kitchen, and a store room, they get to the door of the owner’s office (Jack McPetersen), from outside he seems to be talking with someone else. Knocking on the door the owner gets out without revealing with who he was talking to and plays dumb on the matters. The characters take the owner to see what has happend and again he denies having knowledge of the matters. After struggling with Dante he quickly gets back to his office. Locking in one room (maybe scared and crying… just kidding) the characters heal Treo until he recovers conscience, then he admits he is a vampire and with not as much surprise as he expected he gets some blood to drink from a party member and recovers more hit points. With some previously taken poison of the other spiders, Alec makes some antidote for Dante, who was poisoned. Then the characters hear a noise coming outside the locked door, a scratching noise… When they open the door they find stuck into some web that has been laid on the frame of the door. Burning it they get unstuck and close the door yet again. After some talk they decide to go out and face what may lie outside. They get stuck into some more web laid on the floor. They burn it again (getting hurt on the way) and get attacked by a spider (smaller than the previous). After getting killing that spider, Agneska and Dante decide to go out to kick asses for answers, with Alec Vasili and Treo staying behind. They look into the office for some info. They find the deed title of the hotel and an accountant’s book. In the accountant’s book they see that strangely, with a kitchen and everything, they have no meat expenses, although they probably serve meat.

With Dante kicking the other door in the office, they get to a room vaguely light, seeing a lot of fine strings on the floor and on the walls. Then, after throwing a lamp onto the floor and burning what we might call a lot-o-web, they get to see a few eyes on the roof…

They start a fight with a humanoid creature with two spider fangs and two arms with two freaking big claws, while Treo and Alec get to the scene.

In the fight, the monster gets an arm blowed while Treo gets in a very serious condition and Dante temporarily blind because a bad bulled getting stucked in his gun and trowing some dust in his eyes.

Having not made a single hit in the whole fight, Agneska Von Cassel get’s the shit out of the monster by tumbling over the Treo’s unconscious body, getting his gun and shooting both her and his gun at the monster with a so perfect timing and aim that would make chuck norris shit his pants and wash them so he can shit them all again (she got 20 on tumble, 20 on gun 1 and 20 on gun 2).

With the what’s left of the monster, the characters await so they can open the last door that leads to the fridge…



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