Climbing the Skyscraper

29 floors filled with gunpowder and weapons... and the elevator isn't working.

Ok, so… last time we checked they where with a little red hooded woman that chewed what you might say was ‘a lot of gum’.

After introducing themselves, she in turn introducer herself as “Little Red Riding Hood No. 47” (Caperucita roja No. 47) and told all of them except Miss Von Cassel to go to the elevator on the right… Von Cassel would go on the one to the left.

While Von Cassel was going up through the building… The rest of our heroes where going down.

As the last one entered the elevator and the doors closed, the elevator began a free fall for a lot of floors until it suddenly stopped. While everyone were still shocked, the floor of the elevator dropped down and dumped them on the sewers.




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