On Vacation
We'll be right back folks

York is currently taking a break.
It has been a lot of action since the last time the blog was updated. With time I will get it filled up, but it’ll be a lot of work even if it is just to remember what happened so… it will take a while.
In some other news, York will be coming back again in January 2009.

Last time, we left our heroes at an octopus shaped submarine with a crazy Ghost, his dog and few navigation skills. They sailed to get at New Orleans where the only one person who can help Soyosama is said to be around, Nicola Tesla.
At New Orleans our heroes will soon find a much darker scenario. A city where voodoo, zombies, vampires, enchantments, ghosts, shamans and other horrors await lusting for the blood, organs and souls of the new and naive visitants. Brothels, excess, alcohol, prostitutes, weird spectacles and rituals also await to be discovered in the city were darkness prevailed.

So, until January 2009 York will be on vacation. Have fun with Sigil… those who can.
See ya soon.

Climbing the Skyscraper
29 floors filled with gunpowder and weapons... and the elevator isn't working.

Ok, so… last time we checked they where with a little red hooded woman that chewed what you might say was ‘a lot of gum’.

After introducing themselves, she in turn introducer herself as “Little Red Riding Hood No. 47” (Caperucita roja No. 47) and told all of them except Miss Von Cassel to go to the elevator on the right… Von Cassel would go on the one to the left.

While Von Cassel was going up through the building… The rest of our heroes where going down.

As the last one entered the elevator and the doors closed, the elevator began a free fall for a lot of floors until it suddenly stopped. While everyone were still shocked, the floor of the elevator dropped down and dumped them on the sewers.


The Wolf's Lair
A-hunting we shall go

Back in the Inn, our heroes get to know the stranger who got them out of the Chaos Plane. No one else than the Time Traveler himself.

Getting everything clear Soyosama hears that Dante has fallen into the dark pit of the chaos zone. He gets into a rather weird position and starts belting: “KAAAA-YAAAA-TEEEEE!”, abruptly after ending that sentence, he disappears in a flash of light.

Meanwhile Dante is flying towards infinity into another dimension… Wondering what to do next he suddenly hears a thunder crack… It’s no one else than Soyosama flying at full speed at him… With some Mixed reactions, Dante is grabbed by Soyosama who again belts: “KAAAA-YAAAA-TEEEEE!” and they both disappear in a flash of light.

At the Inn everyone is wondering what is happening when abruptly Dante and Soyosama fall from the roof of the lobby into the floor. As Dante re-incorporates, Soyosama is on the floor, still some-what dizzy.

After letting the old man cool down, they ask what to do next… The answer they get is: “Go to the Wolf’s Liar”. With some questioning if it was serious or a joke they get told to go there and look for the Ferocious Wolf and get him to give ‘em the key to the Chinese Door… Also known as the Door Between the Planes.

Walking through the city they finally get to a big skyscraper, in fact, the only skyscraper it might be on that era. As they get to the reception, they are greeted by a lovely blond with a red hood….

The Chaos Plane
...Where physics go nuts

Well, well, after getting the things straight with that Baskerville ol’ fella’ and getting sucked in into the black hole our heroes appeared to be in a particularly strange place.

Standing on what it looks like a big earth formation hovering onto the space they decide to advance through the terrain and seek some way out.

They find three nice man dressed very formally, standing giving them their backs. As our heroes walk around ‘em they never get to see their front side, no matter where they stand. Our heroes ask ‘em for directions and only one of them points towards the right place.

As they advance they get into a field where in the middle there is a line and for some reazon there’s wind… and it’s blowing. While they walk through it the wind carries some of them out of the path and then they discover the strange properties of the field… they start aging more or less depending to which side they tumble.

After some trials an errors and some age less and some age more, they get through.

Finally they get to a bridge where they are faced by a gigantic eye with some puzzles for ‘em… And they all get kite well with the puzzle game… except Dante. By failing the puzzle he falls to a black pit and gets to another dimension, floating without a direction.

Our remaining heroes get close to a strange liquid beast with tentacles, eyes and mouths everywhere… Alec is tempted to touching it when suddenly a voice comes from the heights, screaming “Don’t do it”... When they turn their sight, they get to see an enormous white sphere landing on the ground with a man standing inside of it that says: “Come! quick!... I was sent by Soyosama”. Before anything else our heroes jump inside of the sphere and get out of that site.

They land on the very same lobby of the McPetersen Inn.

The Baskerville Hound
Diabolus Canis Familiaris

Well, after setting up the things with Soyosama, our heroes go to the Baskerville Mansion. A place on the edges of York, far on the shire region. When going inside the mansion they feel a presence coming closer as they advance, a kind of heavy gallop sound. Before they now, they are being chased by a hound of the size of a horse with fire coming out of his mouth and a mist fog behind him… Running, our heroes get to the forest and suddenly they stop being chased, just as if it were only a warning.

Later, when they recover their breath, they get again on tracks and resume to enter to the mansion, which, by the way, is forced by Dante knocking down the door… Again.

To welcome them comes Sir Henry Baskerville, the last one of the Baskerville line. He tells them about the curse of the hound and how he asked Soyosama to help ‘em. He invites them to stay for diner and spend the night before going into the hound’s lair. At diner Doris! makes her entrance, walking and banging her hips at every step she takes in a not-at-all sexy movement. After more or less ingesting some food, they get to sleep and wake up the next morning.

They are conducted to a tool’s room where the door to the demon’s liar is located. In the tool’s room, a door made out of wood with some creepy aspect and a lot of blood is located. As they get inside they find themselves in a rocky-sandy-bloddy tunnel that goes down in the earth (or at least, down in some place).

First, they encounter a big pit in the tunnel, on their side there’s an harp, that when touched, it played a melody that made some pillars come up from the bottom of the pit. After some struggle and some good and not so good players, they get to play the same tune and walk through the pillars to the other side of the pit.

After passing that, they encounter a big door, which is very very hot. They open it and find a big volcanic town with four houses a church and another door at the other side of the town, which is locked and has 4 key holes.

At the houses they find a lot of stuff, some find a key, others find a magical shovel that digs wherever you put it close to the ground and well, others, they just find a very big bad guy… An un-death body of an acolyte with dark robes and a key hung on his neck starts a fight with ‘em which, after some struggle they get to kill, with a finishing blow of Cold Black.

In the church they find some treasures in a balance, and some death bodies hanged on the walls… They decide to leave it there so they go back to town.

On the last room they find the body of an acolyte with white robes and another key. Dante tries to take it away but it’s surprised with a poisonous breath and falls to the floor unconsciously. With some help they all get back on their feet and get the last two keys which are one in one house and another inside of a crystal statue that they found with the help of the shovel.

They open the door and get to go again on a tunnel… This time they find some electrified strings on the floor and another harp… The harp when touched starts to play another song and the strings they retreat to the wall. With some short of ‘graceful’ performance, they manage to play it again and cross it safely.

They get to a door, this time smaller (and a lot less hotter)... They open it and find a big pit with a lot of pillars that conduct to the next door, each pillar being more narrow than the last one. At the bottom of the pit, there is an enormous funnel-like slide with some deathly spiked vines. With some falls and some graceful jumps they manage to get to the other side (with some minor wouden pals) and continue to advance to the last door.

After walking a lot they get to a place where there’s a wall made out of knives that are flying around, promising to cut anyone to pieces if he tries to get through, and of course, another harp.

When touched this harp plays a very hard song… A devil’s song if not by composition at least in hardness. After an astonishment performance by Alec, the song is sang and the knives they stop flying around and fall to the floor… But what they reveal behind is far more frightening, an army of undeath-like creatures. But they don’t attack, they just stare at three pedestals and keep waiting. The heroes they get to stand each one in a pedestal and each with a different harp they stand there, waiting… The undeaths they, like a choir, start to sing a composition that our heroes will have to follow… And as they finish, they now look fiercely at the eyes of the heroes, like in threat to them if they miss a single note.

As they start playing some of the knives start dancing again and start hurting our heroes but that doesn’t stop ‘em from giving a performance that would have made little Chuck N. cry.

When they finish… each of the undeath that where standing collapses into dust as the knives that where flying around.

They walk to the last door and when they open it they find a big forest… In the middle of the forest there’s a cristal which from it is flowing a white mana-like energy that goes outside of the cave by a hole on the roof.

But before they get to it, they find are being chased again, by the same sound that followed them last night. From behind a bushes the great Baskerville Hound comes out and fiercely attacks them.

With some missing bullets and some confusion they get to inflict him a lot of pain and a lot of damage… The monster in turn gets Alec in his jaws, makes a good chomp out of him and throws ‘m away. After receiving a lot of damage, he gets a head shot (by what I think was Cold?... don’t know) and falls to the ground.

They heal the wounded, get some breath and then they go to the crystal… They break it and do something that I would best describe as “running for their lives”.

A black hole appears behind them, eating all that’s there to be eaten… And finally it manages to engulf our heroes to.

Disappearing into the nothing, our heroes get to a very dark place…

The Great Soyosama!
"Shut up!" - Soyosama

After beating out the spider monster, our heroes decide to take a 2 minute break for recovering and assimilating what just had happened when suddenly McPetersen and the hotel’s cook decide to break out of the fridge, thinking that the monster has already killed them… Oh surprise.

First McPetersen comes out and scared tries to go back but gets catch in the way by Dante Elessen. The cook comes to his rescue with a 12 gauge shot gun but gets mob killed.

With McPetersen ready for being interrogated, they start asking questions, having not much luck at the begining they decide to pull some strength on him. After breaking his arm the words start to come out.

McPetersen confesses his estrange affection for spiders, having gathered them as if they were his children and using the monster as his pawn. He confesses having committed murderer several times to several naive customers.

Then, after all the soup was out. They decide to do the right thing and call the police.

With some help of Miss Von Cassel’s influences, they get the police to ask no question as they leave the crime scene with Mr. McPetersen. Then, suddenly a very old man comes to the door. His look is of an old man from india with too much beard and too much untrimmed hair… everywhere. Skinny as he is, he comes into the hotel and sats down at one of the couches. With some guys pointing their guns at him and others pointing their confused looks he explains: “I’M THE GREAT SOYOSAMA!!!!” ... smiling wide at them.

After everyone catches with the old man’s groove, they get hired to kill a few nasty things or two with the promise of a great reward on behalf of Soyosama. The catch is, those nasty things are demons… And the punch line is… They are level 1.

Deep in the Hotel
One little, two little, three little spiders...

So, after killing an abnormally grown spider, the characters meet a new persona, Dante, an abnormally white guy, who won’t talk a lot, but surely will shot more than he talks. By looking into a few rooms, fighting another spider more and getting this time a really hard time with one character falling almos dead (Treo), the characters begin to suspect about the hotel’s owner so they go looking for him into the basement of the hotel. Getting past a few doors, a kitchen, and a store room, they get to the door of the owner’s office (Jack McPetersen), from outside he seems to be talking with someone else. Knocking on the door the owner gets out without revealing with who he was talking to and plays dumb on the matters. The characters take the owner to see what has happend and again he denies having knowledge of the matters. After struggling with Dante he quickly gets back to his office. Locking in one room (maybe scared and crying… just kidding) the characters heal Treo until he recovers conscience, then he admits he is a vampire and with not as much surprise as he expected he gets some blood to drink from a party member and recovers more hit points. With some previously taken poison of the other spiders, Alec makes some antidote for Dante, who was poisoned. Then the characters hear a noise coming outside the locked door, a scratching noise… When they open the door they find stuck into some web that has been laid on the frame of the door. Burning it they get unstuck and close the door yet again. After some talk they decide to go out and face what may lie outside. They get stuck into some more web laid on the floor. They burn it again (getting hurt on the way) and get attacked by a spider (smaller than the previous). After getting killing that spider, Agneska and Dante decide to go out to kick asses for answers, with Alec Vasili and Treo staying behind. They look into the office for some info. They find the deed title of the hotel and an accountant’s book. In the accountant’s book they see that strangely, with a kitchen and everything, they have no meat expenses, although they probably serve meat.

With Dante kicking the other door in the office, they get to a room vaguely light, seeing a lot of fine strings on the floor and on the walls. Then, after throwing a lamp onto the floor and burning what we might call a lot-o-web, they get to see a few eyes on the roof…

They start a fight with a humanoid creature with two spider fangs and two arms with two freaking big claws, while Treo and Alec get to the scene.

In the fight, the monster gets an arm blowed while Treo gets in a very serious condition and Dante temporarily blind because a bad bulled getting stucked in his gun and trowing some dust in his eyes.

Having not made a single hit in the whole fight, Agneska Von Cassel get’s the shit out of the monster by tumbling over the Treo’s unconscious body, getting his gun and shooting both her and his gun at the monster with a so perfect timing and aim that would make chuck norris shit his pants and wash them so he can shit them all again (she got 20 on tumble, 20 on gun 1 and 20 on gun 2).

With the what’s left of the monster, the characters await so they can open the last door that leads to the fridge…

You wake up and know completely nothing

The players created their chars. normally, and then they choose a sub-race which could be an Inmortal, a Vampire, a Hyde, a Mr. or Ms. Invisible, a Legendary, or a simple Human.

Then they wake up in a dusty, spider-web filled hotel, in the center of a town they know nothing about with a very creepy host. They know nothing about ‘em, nor why are they there. They decide to go out but it’s night and it’s very hard to move in the city without light. When they come back the host tells them he’ll lock the the doors until the next morning and he goes to his room. When the characters come to their rooms they find a giant spider in the middle of the upper loby. With some struggle they manage to kill her…


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